Tel. 01262 672593

Welcome to Bridlington

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find all the information you need about our school. You’re welcome to come and visit us and talk to students and staff who will be pleased to share their achievements and successes with you. Please telephone 01262 672593 if you wish to arrange a visit.

We’re really proud of our students who’ve achieved great things at Bridlington School and gone on to successful futures. Our priority is to make sure that they all have the best possible support available to them so that they excel academically, socially and creatively, that that they’re happy and healthy and, very importantly, that they enjoy learning at our school.

Bridlington School was judged to be a good school in the most recent inspection in May 2013. Our examination results are improving year on year. In 2014 we won a national SSAT Award for the progress our students made between Year 7 and Year 11. Our 2014 Sixth Form results were the best in the East Riding.

Our ambition is to become an outstanding school – we are well on our way towards this goal!