Pupil Success

[20 Sep 2022]

See photos below of our very own Liam Jordan Shooting at Lilleshall the HQ for our Archery GB Training facility. Pictures show Liam winning Gold at the Youth Festival In July for the Under 18 recure men.

Liam started Archery just over four years ago.  he has been a member of Bridlington Bay Archers and has gone on to excel across the county in many competitions.  he was then selected to work the Arrowhawks in York the Archery talent training programme and then going on to the Northern Development Training Programme.  He has taken part in the national tour and in the coming weeks be representing Yorkshire in the county championships.  This achievement along will a long interview process over the summer  has resulted in Liam’s selection into the Archery GB’s Training Academy for recure archers. This is an amazing achievement as he was also doing his GCSE alongside his archery commitments.