Careers Programme Information

Mr Sam Clare, Deputy Head (01262 672592) and Mr Simon Pick Assistant Head  (01262 672230)

Bridlington School,

Bessingby Road,


East Yorkshire,

YO16 4QU


Bridlington School offers a fantastic array of enrichment opportunities for its pupils designed to help them make the right choices for their future careers. Whilst we firmly believe that students should value their education from an academic perspective and make the progress they deserve but we also place high stock in them knowing why they strive so hard at school. From Year 7 to Year 13 we offer opportunities for students to experience a variety of workplaces, have valuable face to face time with employers and receive guidance that helps them value the importance of choosing the right pathway once they leave Bridlington School.


We put high importance on the local labour market and from our partnership in The Bridlington Medical, Health and Social Care Academy to our work with J Tomlinson’s Integrated Building Solutions, we offer a myriad of different opportunities tailored to the demands of the skills gaps in the Bridlington and Humber area. We focus on showing our students where the careers opportunities are and, in conjunction with the businesses we work with, help them develop the skills they need to fill the employment gaps.


We use the new and fully integrated Log On, Move On system to track the experiences that our students go through from Year 7 to Year 13. This way each student has a record of their careers journey, allowing them to revisit and reassess choices they make throughout their school career. During their time at Bridlington School students have access to independent careers guidance and impartial advice from qualified professionals, industry experts and education establishments. We also follow up every school leaver, making sure they all achieve places in the workplace or in Further Education and pride ourselves on the fact that no student has left Bridlington School without a destination in the last 5 years.


The strategic overview for our careers provision is an ongoing 3 year plan. This is reviewed each year in the Autumn term allowing any changes and amendments that can be learnt from experiences the previous year to be made. Mr Pick and Mr Clare also meet regularly to update and discuss upcoming events, speakers and activities that can benefit specific cohorts and the whole school. Producing well rounded learners with the skills they need for success is all part of our responsibility in handing on the torch of life.


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Careermag for Parents

Careermag for Parents by Careermap in conjunction with PiXL aims to connect students and their parents to quality advice and guidance. Some of the features include:


  • Top tips for parents
  • What does diversity mean to you?
  • Creative careers, creative thinking
  • Gender and social stereotyping
  • Myth busting careers
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Financing university


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