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Now your child is absent from school, they need to access the range of high quality resources have been provided by all subject areas to ensure that their learning blends successfully between home and school. The content of these resources replicates the focus and sequence of the planned lessons or learning priorities in school so students can maintain their learning journey uninterrupted at home.


Please see below for details of the home learning resources your child needs to access for each of their subjects. These resources have been sent home with your child as a hard copy so you do not have to rely on technology to continue learning.


For Literacy Subjects (English, History, Geography, MFL and RS)

Your child has comprehensive learning booklets with a range of Literacy tasks, detailed explanations of new content, appropriately challenging questions, modelled responses, differentiated tasks and opportunities for self-assessment to guide them to develop and to reflect on their learning.

Copies of this booklets are also available on SMHW so your child can choose the format to work from that suits them best.

Full guidance to help your child to work through the learning booklet is included and also some suggestions for how parents/ carers can continue to help to support and maintain effective learning.

If any materials are needed to be downloaded again click below to download, they are also available on SMHW

English    Geography    History    Languages

If you need extra software to open the folders, Unzipping software can be found at https://www.7-zip.org/


For Science

Your child needs to work from the science workbook they have been given to keep at home on a range of appropriately differentiated questions and tasks. They have a leaflet directing them to the appropriate pages they need to be studying in the workbook to match the sequence and content of their planned school lessons. This information is also available on SMHW.

In the case of a school closure, web links to virtual learning sequences to match the planned curriculum will be posted on SMHW and given in the leaflets.



For Maths

Your child needs to work from the maths workbook they have been given to keep at home which is appropriate to their age and ability. The workbook combines explanations, worked examples and questions with answers so your child can check and reflect on their progress. They have been given a letter to direct them to the pages they need to work from and this information is also posted on SMHW.

In the event of a school closure, additional links to interactive maths learning sites that track planned school learning will be posted on SMHW.

Maths Foundation    Maths Higher

We would be grateful for your support in working with us to ensure minimum disruption to your child’s learning in these unusual circumstances. You could help to minimise any worries they may have about learning at home by working with them to plan a balanced and consistent routine and by listening to them talk about what they are learning when you can. Where possible, please encourage your child to upload their work so they can use teacher feedback to make further progress.


If you or your child has any questions at all about home learning please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher through Show My Homework or email office@bridlingtonschool.org.uk with your child’s name and the subject they are struggling with and we will get a subject specialist to contact you asap.

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