A Taste of France

34 students from Year 8 have just returned from a jam packed two days in France. The students' base for the trip was Boulogne Youth Hostel and they enjoyed a visit to a French boulangerie where they had the opportunity to make and taste French croissants and baguettes. Another highlight was a visit to a chocolate factory with students let into the secrets of making delicious praline chocolates. There was also time for a visit to Europe's largest aquarium, Nausicaa, where the students saw crocodiles, turtles, sharks and rays. For many of the students this was their first visit to France and they enjoyed the chance to practise their French. Students worked in groups to complete several challenges set for them including asking for a drink in a café and buying a postcard.

After a visit to a French supermarket the group arrived back to Bridlington tired but full of stories of their adventures in France.


Stevie – ‘This was my second time in France and this time I talked in French quite a lot – I said Bonjour to people and some said Bonjour back! My favourite part was visiting a French supermarket – it was bigger and better than anything I had ever seen in England. The food at the youth hostel was really nice and better than I thought it would be.’

Davey – ‘I really enjoyed visiting the chocolate factory because it smelt really nice and it was cool to see how chocolate is made. At the bakery I learnt lots of new words for the ingredients which go into French bread and croissants. I even bought a French beret – it was pink!’

Charlie – ‘My favourite part was seeing the bakery – it was really interesting to see where the bread was made and to find out that they make 700 loaves of bread a day. It was my first time abroad; the biggest differences I noticed were the traffic lights and driving on a different side of the road. I enjoyed the disco and made new friends from school who I hadn’t known that well before’

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