Bridlington School performance competes on a national level

The Department for Education League Tables were published last week. Bridlington School is delighted that its students achieved a Progress 8 score of 0.73 putting them at the top of all schools in East Riding. This means that our students performed almost three quarters of a grade better than students of the same starting point did nationally. This incredible Progress 8 score puts Bridlington School 8th in the region of Hull, East Riding, North East Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire. We place 36th in the country when compared to all Local Authority Maintained schools, 11 of which are able to enforce selection criteria by being faith schools. This Progress 8 score puts Bridlington School firmly in the top 12% of all schools in the UK.

Kate Parker-Randall, headteacher at Bridlington School, said: "I am so very proud of all our students have achieved. Their outstanding progress is a direct result of the relentless hard work put in by our students and staff which is of course only made possible by the support of our parents and carers."

Our Progress 8 score is undeniably outstanding, but we are delighted that our Attainment 8 score is also fantastic. Attainment 8 measures a student’s achievement across 8 GCSE subjects. We achieved an attainment 8 score of 48.2 in comparison to an East Riding average of 46 and a national average of 44.2. At Bridlington School, 65% of pupils achieved a grade 4 or above in English and maths GCSEs which is above the national average of 58.5%

These Progress 8 and Attainment 8 results ratify further our recent ‘Good’ Ofsted report which identified that we are well on our way towards outstanding. "With results like these it puts our students on a fantastic future pathway for success showing they are able to compete and excel not only locally but also nationally. This is not only great for the students themselves and for the school but great for Bridlington as a town."

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