CSI: Bridlington

Our year 13 Forensic students have carried out their final crime scene assessment this week. All students excitedly took on the role of a crime scene investigator and a forensic analyst. With Locard’s exchange principle, “Every contact leaves a trace” in mind, the class wore their SOCO suits, shoe covers, gloves and face masks to prevent any contamination.

The crime scene was meticulously photographed, sketched and measured. After selecting a search pattern, the evidence was marked and further photographs taken. After carefully collecting the evidence using the specialist pieces of equipment it was then packaged correctly ready to be transported to the laboratory.

Once back in the laboratory these forensic scientists worked for several hours carrying out presumptive tests and accurately recording their results. The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and the realism of the experience really helped them implement the skills they have been developing throughout the course.

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