Free School Meals

 14th September 2021


Dear Parent / Carer


Applying for Free School Meals


If you have experienced a change in your financial circumstances, I would encourage you to make an application for free school meals for your child / children. This can easily be done online or by telephone.


A successful application would provide your son / daughter with a free meal each day up to the value of £2.50, saving you potentially £12.50 each week. In addition to this, the school also receives pupil premium funding for students eligible for free school meals. All students will be required to stay on the school site during the lunchtime period in their designated dining and outside break areas.


The school kitchen offers both hot and cold foods. A free school meal provides your child with a choice of a sandwich or hot meal (including vegetarian option), tray bake or cookie, a piece of fruit and a drink – plenty to get them through the day!


In addition to school meals, during recent times of lockdown being eligible for free school meals has resulted in other benefits to students and families including supermarket vouchers in place of their free school meal entitlement whilst self-isolating and during the school holidays, and the provision of laptops for online home learning. Although the laptop scheme has now come to an end, there may be other benefits extended by either the Local Authority or the Department for Education in future. It makes sense to access free school meals for this possibility alone, even if your child / children opt to bring a packed lunch to school.


Criteria for those eligible can be found at Examples of eligibility include being in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance (income based), Income Support, Universal Credit or receiving support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.


To make an application over the phone, please call 01482 394799 – you will need your National Insurance number, or registered asylum seekers number to hand when making the call.


Please inform the school as soon as possible over changes in eligibility for free school meals, so that you can start saving money straight away.


Yours faithfully

Helen Evans

Senior Finance Officer


A full copy of the letter can be seen here.

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