Harland House Harvest Festival

Harland House held its first annual Harvest Festival this term. Students and staff kindly donated food for the local Real Aid food bank in Bridlington.

Local company Barefoot Biltong also donated goods to the hamper. Students have been discussing the topic and decided they wanted to help local people in the community.

Student Jack Thompson said “I really enjoyed doing the Harvest Festival, it was good to know that I was helping other people. We should do more things like this”.

Pastoral Manger Emma Moule-Carmichael said “It was really nice to see all the students taking part in this important subject”.

Pastoral Manager Karl O’Sullivan also said “I was really pleased when the students of Harland House wanted to raise awareness of families in need in the local area. They all came up with the idea of a harvest festival and we are so proud of the students for raising awareness in this issue”.

Lindsay Killick from Real Aid said "I must say a big thank you to the pupils of Harland house for their generous donation of harvest festival products to the Real Aid food bank in Bridlington. We at Real Aid are always grateful for support from the local community in our work to help the marginalised and vulnerable in Bridlington. Engaging with young people who are aware of inequalities in our community and are prepared to help others is always very encouraging."

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