Medieval Day

Y7 Medieval Day Wednesday 30 September 2014 Cross-Curricular Learning

Creativity is really important. It’s also really important that Bridlington School students get out and about and find out about their local community and local history. So on Wednesday 30 September we combined both. 161 Year 7 students made their way to the Priory Church Bridlington. Y10 Drama students had been working with the History Department to research the Augustinian Canons who ran the Priory in the Medieval Period. They took the Year 7 students in small groups back to the year 1450 and told them about Prior John – the last English saint before the reformation. The students then split off into groups: art, digital media, history, food, product design and textiles. The classroom for these students was inside the priory, outside the priory or the church hall. At lunchtime the students watched a Medieval Play and tasted Medieval Food. The work was then turned into a display.


Bridlington School would like to thank Reverend Pollard and his congregation for letting us use his school


Students in year 10 drama were asked to perform as Augustinian Canons who lived in the Bridlington Priory in Medieval England, to year seven on Tuesday 30th September. This group really impressed me with their mature attitude and talent, especially adapting a 15th century morality play to make it more current for an audience today. Students also presented a promenade performance on the day which was a real challenge but they did this with flair and I am so proud.

Well done year 10 drama,
Mrs Whittington



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