Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Refugee Day took place as part of the school’s Fundamental British Values Week. We were trying to encourage and deepen students understanding of the value of ‘mutual respect and tolerance.’

Year 8 students read case studies of different refugees who have fled their homes in different times during very different circumstances and they identified the varying reasons for becoming refugees.

They also had the privilege of listening to the story of Liesel Carter, a lady currently living in Leeds but who originated from Germany. Just before the outbreak of the Second World War, Liesel’s father was murdered by Nazi supporters in her home town for no other reason than he was Jewish. Fearing for her safety, Liesel’s family put her on a train at the age of four and sent her through Scandinavia and eventually to safety in Hull where she was taken in by a family friend. She lost most of her family to the gas chambers.

Liesel’s message is one of tolerance and friendship, no matter what background you may be from and this certainly fitted in with our objectives for the day.

Students worked in groups of three to create a ‘patch’ which expressed why refugees should be welcomed and their stories listened to and understood. These were then sewn together by Phoebe Thompson-Mills, a year 10 volunteer, to create a patchwork quilt of welcome.

This quilt is now displayed in an exhibition at Priory Church after a presentation to Reverend Matthew Pollard Rector of Bridlington Priory.

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