My Pockets – KS3 Creative Arts Project

Over 2 days in March , ten year 7 and 8 students and four Y12 Media students, worked with ‘My Pockets’ an Arts Organisation from Hull, as part of ‘Growth Spurt’ Youth Music Project. Students wrote a song and produced a music video about subjects that mean something to them. Students spent the first part of day1, discovering what instruments they could play and learning new musical skills. For rest of day 1 students delighted in creating music and writing meaningful lyrics relating to life as a teenager, and the changes that they go through when going to secondary school.

During day two, students formed a band, recorded their instrumental and vocal parts and created a music video. Students found locations around our school site to film scenes for the music video, sourced props to represent the changes teenagers go through, such as different hats. The days were intense, hard work and very rewarding.

Students will be performing their song live on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at the Kardomah94 in Hull.

“My favourite part was putting together the song, it was quite fun” – Spencer

“My favourite part was learning how to play instruments along with others!” – Zoe Gummerson

“I learned how to play the Ukulele”- Tanisha Mattock- Kempton

“My Favourite part was meeting new people and making music with them”- Jessica Homer-Vincent

“Lovely enthusiastic talented children. They were really fun to work with”- Adam Parrish, My Pocket Organisation.

“The students are really well behaved, everyone has embraced what we are doing.”- Shane McMurray, My Pocket Organisation

“The students are enthusiastic, and in the end we make a really good song out of it.” – James Price,  My Pocket Organisation.


Reporter and Photographer – Abbie Winstanley Y12



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