Pupils pledge to be good Bridlingtonians

Every pupil at Bridlington School is making a pledge to be a better citizen this week. Students are being urged to make a difference locally and on a wider scale, as they all sign up to be Young Bridlingtonians.

The campaign was launched by headteacher Kate Parker-Randall and the mayor of Bridlington, Cllr Liam Dealtry, himself a former pupil of the school, in a series of assemblies this week. The youngsters have all signed a pledge, promising:

  • to show to respect to myself, my school and others I know and meet
  • to be an active citizen in my local, national and international community

  • to be the change I want to see in the world

  • to hand on the torch of life to the next generation of Bridlingtonians


A key part of the promise is to work on the second phase of a project to help a school in Africa, which Bridlington School formed a partnership with three years ago.

Headteacher Mrs Parker-Randall said: “In addition, the assemblies will also act as the launch of phase two of our global school partnership with the YMCA Hope Primary School in Sierra Leone.

“We raised £10,000 to fund the building, equipping and opening of this, which has three classrooms, a toilet, storeroom and Headteacher Office, back in 2014.

“We will be aiming to raise £12,000 over the next year in order to fund, build and equip a further three classrooms so that Hope School has a classroom for each year group from Year One to Year Six.

“In order to achieve this, Young Bridlingtonians will also pledge to raise at least £1 a month per student for the next 12 months to give children in our partner school hope, education and a future they might not otherwise have.

“Many Old Bridlingtonians are also supporting this.

“Sierra Leone is one of the world’s poorest countries and before this, the children used to meet for their education in a dark, small, workshop room with no electricity or toilet.

“Students used to sit back to back and side by side in each corner of the room.

“They did not have a school building of their own. It was named Hope School by the children and their families because they said the students and staff at Bridlington School gave them hope and a future that they would not otherwise have had.”

The Old Bridlingtonians club formed in 1903 and is a community of former students and staff. The new Young Bridlingtonians will automatically join upon leaving school or sixth form.

Cllr Dealtry said: “This is a great. As an Old Bridlingtonian, it is brilliant to be asking the new generation to pledge to be involved in the ethos of the school.” Pupils also welcomed the scheme. Oliver Walkington, 15, said: “I’m proud that we can show we can have a big influence on the world.”


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