Staying safe onlineĀ 

With students spending more time at home and online, we’ve put some handy tips together to help you make sure they’re staying safe whilst using the internet. There are lots of things you can look out for... 

Recommended sites  

Make sure the websites they visit have been recommended by a teacher - check there are no differences between the URL provided and the URL your child uses. We would recommend clicking directly on the URL link provided, when possible.  

Internet searches  
It’s important that your child is searching the exact key words that have been recommended/asked of them when using any internet search sites, and only clicking on relevant and approved content.  

Parental Controls  
Have you enabled parental controls and checked your privacy settings on your internet browser? This is a way of controlling accessibility without having to monitor your child. You can read more about how to do this, here.

Entering card details  
We will never direct our students to a website or web page where you are asked to enter payment. Should you or your child visit a site that asks you to do so, exit immediately and do not provide any details.  

If you are unsure about the content of any sites or pages that your child is viewing, then ask them to exit the page immediately. The only sites we ask them to view have been carefully considered and approved.  

Here are some useful sites to find out more about internet safety: 


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