Students march for Suffragettes

Together with the Head of History, students re-enacted a Suffragette march through the streets of Bridlington on Friday. The march commemorated the 100 year anniversary of women recieving the vote and was followed by a ceremony in the school.

The Lord Mayor of Bridlington joined the students in dedicating a tree to the Suffragettes to remember their sacrifice. One hundred years on, it’s important that we remember the struggle these women faced and how they fought for the women of the future. It’s also important that whilst we acknowledge how far women’s rights have came, we continue the fight for equality and equal rights for women.

Our Head Teacher, Kate Parker-Randall, gave an inspirational speech and reiterated:

“It is with great pride that we celebrate the very first time that women could actually take part in an election on 14th December 1918. As we plant this tree in remembrance of that day, we hope people see it and will remember that women from all walks of life have the Suffragettes and Suffragists to thank – as new life blossomed in 1918, so does it here at Bridlington School.”

Here at Bridlington School, we’re extremely proud of our rich heritage and believe it is important to remember the past as we lead students into the future. Thanks to all staff and students involved in the march, you did a great job in commemorating the Suffragettes.


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