Y10 Careers and Skills Day

Bridlington School held a Year10 Careers Day, to provide our students with information regarding work and employment opportunities and look at different education pathways and develop their employability skills.

The day included different activities, some students attended Yorkshire Coast College with Mr Hornshaw where they were given ‘tasters’ on different courses and received information regarding further education pathways and additional opportunities available to them.
The students who remained in school had the opportunity to meet a range of employers and employees, who assisted them with interactive tasks and information sharing.
Some of the sessions included: the importance of having employability skills; the opportunities for employment in the Bridlington area. They also discussed with students what employers like Green Port Hull, and KCOM look for in a new employee.

The students had a 40 minutes task to prepare for the big event of the afternoon: the arrival of 47 visitors from different careers. Some of these included:
• Doctors
• Solicitors
• Accountants
• Local businesses
• HR staff
• Firemen
• Police
• A Colonel
• AWing Commander

A number of these visitors were also former Bridlington School students and current members of ‘The Old Bridlingtonians.’

The last session involved four fifteenminute informal interview slots. Students in groups of two or three spoke to one of the visitors during each session and then moved on. This was a great opportunity for the students to develop their interpersonal skills so valued by employers and to gain ideas about their own future employment choices.

Bridlington school have forged some great contacts with a view to arrange future sessions for our students. Feedback was that the students performed very well during the interviews, and the "buzz" in the school hall, during this time, was tremendous.

Bridlington School would like to thank all the visitors who gave their time so generously: K Com, Williamsons Solicitors, IT Solutions, D Dunk Lewis and Graves, Stephen Rowntree Theatre, Massey Ferguson, Nestle, BW Industries, CB Solutions, Morrisons, Bridlington Hospital. We would also like to build links with other employers, so please contact Roy Horobin at Bridlington School (horobinr@bridlingtonschool.org.uk) if you are an interested employer

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