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What might face to face contact look like to support some Year 10 home learning during this time of COVID-19?

Firstly, please do pass on my praises to your son / daughter for their efforts in this very difficult time. More than 80% of our students in Year 10 have engaged incredibly well with the school work on Show my Homework and we know you are all doing your best. I want to reassure you that we are here to support you through this time as best we can.


You will be aware of Government guidance instructing secondary schools to plan provision for some face to face contact to support Year 10 students with their home learning which may start after half term.


All our staff at school want nothing more than for us to get back into their classrooms teaching students which we all know is best done face to face. All our students want is to return to school too which for them is an important social space as well as a learning space, and I know many of you who are doing such a great job encouraging and supporting home learning are keen for your child to return to school too. However I am sure you understand that any return to school at this time will not be ‘school as we knew it’.


I am aware that many parents are anxious about what some face to face contact to support Year 10 students with their home learning will look like in this school. In this letter I will be outlining the plans that the school has made for your children, how we are working to make school safe and how they will be educated. Please note that this response is bespoke to our school and will look different to the approach taken in other local schools. The reason for that is that each school’s circumstances are different; there are different numbers of staff available, the layout of the schools are different and our children are unique. However, whilst there will be differences between schools, there will also be many similarities as we are all following the same government guidelines underpinned by the East Riding’s strategic response. In following this guidance and applying it to our school’s context I can now share the following initial thoughts.


Week 1 – this would involve students attending a meeting with SLT to complete a risk assessment and be walked through the new routines and expectations of social distancing and regular hand washing. They would be walked through the one way system they will use and be and shown to their classroom and seat.


Starting in Week 2: Principles of what face to face support would involve.

o   Students will be grouped into a school family unit of no more than 10 students and allocated a teacher and a learning mentor. This school family unit will stay together in the same classroom for the day. They will access one toilet only and arrive / exit to school and class through a set route.

o   There will be a shortened school day involving wellbeing support, establishing what work has been possible to complete so we can plan for September to best meet student needs and some support for English, Maths and Science.

o   The canteen will not be open and students will need to bring  packed lunch; for those not accessing FSM vouchers we will deliver a grab bag to the room.

o   There will be a 14 day break between any school family unit of 10 (student and staff) returning to school.

o   If any member of the school family unit has symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19 the full family unit will be sent home and must self isolate for 14 days.

o   Lessons and learning will continue to be provided on SMHW for all year groups in the same way as now.

o   Parents / Carers will be responsible for ensuring their child maintain 2 metres social distancing on their journey to and from school. If you do not believe your child can adhere to this they should not attend the provision.

o   We will need to make personalised separate plans for students travelling in on school transport taxis or public transport.

o   Support remains through where you can contact me, the headteacher.

I fully support your decision to do what is right for your family situation and your child and we will continue to provide lessons on Show my Homework. There will be no fines in operation for non-attendance at face to face contact at this time.


In order for me to plan  for this provision, I need to know if you want your child to attend this Year 10 face to face support.


Parents / Carers of Year 10 students have been sent a text message with a link to complete a 1 minute survey.


Again please do get in touch if there is anything we can do to support you at this time.


Kate Parker-Randall


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