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What might Year 12 face to face provision look like during Covid-19?

First of all can I say how proud I am of all you for all the work you have been completing during lock down. I have been very impressed with how hard you have been working following your feedback to Mr Picks email. I am also immensely proud of all the amazing activities you are undertaking to help others or expand your own horizons. In all my years in education I do not know of a more challenging time, and in true Bridlington School spirit you are grasping this with both hands and making the very best of it. You really are living our TORCH values for sure.

You will be aware of Government guidance instructing secondary schools to plan provision for some face to face contact to support Year 12 students with their home learning which may start after half term.

All our staff at school want nothing more than for us to get back into their classrooms teaching students which we all know this is best done face to face. I know you are very keen to be back in the classroom too. However I am sure you understand that any return to 6th form at this time will not be ‘6th form as we knew it’.

I am aware that you and your parents / carers will be anxious about what some face to face contact to support Year 12 students with their home learning will look like in our 6th form. In this letter I will be outlining the plans that the school has made for you, how we are working to make school safe and how you will be educated. Please note that this response is bespoke to our school 6th form and will look different to the approach taken in other local 6th forms. The reason for that is that each school’s circumstances are different; there are different numbers of staff available, the layout of the schools are different and our children are unique. However, whilst there will be differences between schools, there will also be many similarities as we are all following the same government guidelines underpinned by the East Riding’s strategic response. In following this guidance and applying it to our school 6th form context I can now share the following initial thoughts.


Where it is possible your 6th form teacher will provide a face to face tutorial session in a classroom, where this is not possible we will need to explore virtual communication options. The main focus of teaching and learning will continue to be online through Show my Homework / email.

Plans being considered for face to face contact with Year 12 in school are:

  • Class size of less than 10 students to one subject teacher.
  • 6th form enter and exit site through top gate only.
  • Altered start and finish times.
  • Social distancing is maintained on the way to / from school and whilst in school.
  • All 6th form sessions run from English block.
  • Students only come in when their subject tutorial is running at all other times they work remotely from home.
  • One way system inside English block – in through front door and out through fire door at side of building.
  • Students use student toilets in English block
  • Staff use staff toilets in English block
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be teaching tutorial days giving you enough support and resourcing you with work for the next 14 days of independent study for that subject.
  • Tuesday and Thursday would be deep cleaning days.
  • A morning subject tutorial would run in one room in the English block and the afternoon subject tutorial would run in a different room in the English block.
  • For some subject tutorial sessions the focus may be centred around stocking up on resources.
  • Students would leave site using the one way system and exit through the top gate at the end of their tutorial session.
  • We would need to work together with any student traveling to this provision by public transport or Local Authority transport taxis.


I need you to consider what is right for you. You also need to consider your personal situation and the impact of your decision on those you live with. We want to support you in the best way we can at this time. I want to reassure you that attendance will not be compulsory and we will make every endeavour to use virtual support and communication for those who choose not to come in so you are not disadvantaged. We will fully support your decision whatever it is. The key is that it must be right for you.

In order for me to plan for this provision I need to know if you want to attend this Year 12 face to face support according to the principles outlined above.

Year 12 students themselves and Parents / Carers of Year 12 students have been sent a text message with a link to complete a 1 minute survey. Please click on the link provided in the text message to respond by 12 noon on Friday 22nd May.

Remember you can always get in touch with Mr Pick Head of 6th Form or Julie if there is anything we can do to support you at this time.

Kate Parker-Randall


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