Year 8 Awards Trip

As part of the Year 8 rewards system, Mr Grice decided it was time to try out the newest indoor waterpark in the area and took a group of students to the Alpamare Waterpark in Scarborough on Thursday 4th May.

81 excited students attended the trip, which allowed them to swim for 3 hours from 4pm. Due to the time of entry the waterpark was very quiet which was great as all the students had the run of the park and all the slides and facilities on offer.
The 4 slides were a Black run, Olympic run, Cresta mat run, and the 4 man tube ridden Snow Storm. All the students enjoyed all of the slides with the Snow Storm probably going down the best as many spent the entire evening going up and down on this, many falling off at times especially Clayton O’Hara!
The wave pool was popular and every half hour when the alarm went off the students flocked to this in their numbers to dive and play in the waves created, Kai Brown was just one of a number of students who ‘loved’ the waves.
Outside it was a cold evening but this didn’t stop everyone taken some well-earned rest throughout the evening to lay in the 2 outdoor thermal heated infinity pools. With the temperature above 38 degrees and the jets making bubbles this is where Mr Grice could be found retiring to after having a good but tiring time (carrying the tubes up and down the stairs for the students) on the slides.
As the evening wore on it became apparent it was going to be difficult getting the students out of the park and onto the bus in time due to the amount of enjoyment they were having, but in military style by the well organised Bridlington School Staff all the students exited with enough time to shower and get refreshments before heading home tired out!
All the students were extremely well behaved with the staff at the waterpark commenting about their behaviour and enthusiasm…..a credit to the school!

Many thanks go to Mr Grice, Mrs Raybould, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Atkin, Mrs Notley, Mrs Chambers and Mrs Harris for attending the evening and making it possible for the trip to go ahead.

The trip went that well and was received so well by the students it is certainly going to be an annual fixture!

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