Remembrance Day commemorative poem

[08 Dec 2022]

Read this amazing Remembrance Day commemoration poem by Year 9 student, Ollie Baker.



Sat in the trenches,

There aren’t any benches.

Only the mud,

Should I run?

I wish I could


Sat on the floor,

By the mud door.

On the Kaiser’s order,

I only feel boredom.


Will I get to see my family,

Or will they get to bury me?

Sat in the shed,

Scared I’ll lose my head.


Why are we here?

In Belgium I feel fear

And I know that across from me

The British are also not free.



Back home in Manchester,

I’d walk past the fletchers,

I’d go to the shop,

To get us some pop,

But now I’m here,

I’ll fight ‘til I drop.


The morning is here,

But nobody cheers,

Because everyone here,

Has a strong fear.


I heard the cry for gas,

I went to grab my mask,

But it has a hole,

I started choking,

But I was drowning,

In my own blood.


We attacked today,

The captain yelled ‘bombs away’,

As the yellow gas filled their trench,

We went in and watched them wretch,

Choking and rolling for a few minutes,

Then silence