Y8 HPV1 Vaccinations 28th April 2022

[18 Mar 2022]

Dear Parent/Carer,


If you would like your child in Year 8 to receive the HPV1 vaccine in school please follow this link to complete an online consent form.


The link will close on Saturday 16th April. The vaccinations will take place at your child’s school on Thursday 28th April 2022. In previous years, this vaccination was only available for girls however medical evidence has shown the clinical significance of offering it to boys as well, and the various cancers that it can help to prevent in both genders.

All information regarding the HPV vaccine can be found on Th NHS website HPV vaccine overview – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

If you have any problems accessing the link or this is not your preferred method and would like to provide consent via the telephone please contact the immunisation team on 0333 358 3397 (options to the East Riding office)”