Course: Construction and the Built Environment.

Level: Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Construction and the Built Environment (Technical Award)

Course Content

In this course students will develop a knowledge and understanding of the sector and be given opportunities to enhance their practical skills. In addition, students will explore different ideas and concepts of the built environment and gain knowledge and understanding of a range of professional and trade roles through purposeful tasks set in sector contexts that have many of the characteristics of real work.
The built environment sector is a very diverse sector covering an extremely wide range of occupations from handyman services to major infrastructure projects. The realisation of construction projects requires the services of many construction specialists.


The Exam will cover these topics: The coursework will cover these topics:
1.1 The sector 3.1 Interpreting technical sources of information
1.2 The built environment life cycle 3.2 Planning and organising work
1.3 Types of building and structure 3.3 Identifying resource requirements
1.4 Technologies and materials 3.4 Calculating the materials required
1.5 Building structures and forms 3.5 Writing and setting success criteria
1.6 Sustainable construction methods 3.6 Prepare for construction tasks
1.7 Trades, employment and careers 3.7 Carrying out techniques
1.8 Health and safety 3.8 Removing and disposing of materials
3.9 Working practices that promote health and safety
3.10 Evaluating construction tasks.



Coursework (60% of the final grade): An assignment brief will be provided by WJEC that will include a scenario and several tasks all related to trades in the real world. This offers learners the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of three construction trade areas of the built environment, including planning, undertaking and evaluating construction tasks.

Examination (40% of the final grade): Students will use their knowledge and skills to answer questions requiring objective responses based around real world situations. The content they will learn introduces students to the built environment and provides them with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in identifying, explaining and evaluating different ideas and concepts of the built environment.


Students will be prepared to progress to further education, apprenticeships, vocational work, and even college or A-level courses. Potential careers include all trades, even those not covered explicitly in the course; brick layers, plastering, electrician, plumbers, joiners, decorators, construction worker, steel erector, contractor and many more.




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