Digital Games

Why Choose Digital Games @ Bridlington?

Why Choose Digital Games @ Bridlington?

· Explore industry standard games development software

· Design and create fantastic gaming 3D environments and models

· Develop programming and design skills to create your own digital games

Studying on the Digital Games Production course will give you the basic knowledge and understanding to plan, design and create your own Digital games, from simple 2D side scrollers to immersive 3D worlds.

“It’s amazing – you get to use Blender, Unity and Unreal – to make your own games!”

You could study the following areas within the course:

• 3D modelling

• 3D environments

• Games engine scripting

• Digital games production

• Digital Skills

Where can Digital Games Production studies take you?

This course will prepare you for a range of degree and career opportunities. Degrees you can study include games design, production, animation, art, programming and 3D architectural design.

There are also many fantastic opportunities within both the games industry and wider industries, including games development, digital animation, 3D architectural design, graphics design and more.