Initial Teacher Training Programmes

At Bridlington School we believe passionately in ‘growing our own’ staff and have a strong track record of doing this very effectively.

Are you thinking about a career in teaching?

Three of our current Middle Leaders were themselves pupils at the school, trained to become teachers with us, were recruited as teachers by us and have subsequently been promoted to leadership posts. Five of our six Heads of Faculty joined us as NQTs and have worked their way up the ranks to become high performing members of our Extended Senior Leadership Team.

Ensuring that our staff develop their skills as teachers and leaders is just as important to us as enabling our pupils to fulfil their potential. To this end we operate a highly structured and dynamic staff training programme. Trainee Teachers have their own training programme designed to equip them to develop a well-rounded understanding of educational policy and practice and become highly effective classroom practitioners and form tutors.

This is what our trainees have said about training to teach at Bridlington School;

“A really enjoyable experience that confirmed my passion to become a teacher. Very supportive staff and help is always available- even after school hours! I am really please that I chose Bridlington School to carry out my teacher training. I hope one day that I will be back teaching there”

“A demanding yet but fun year doing my teacher training at Bridlington School. Great relationships between pupils and staff. I enjoyed learning from my supportive mentor and making my lessons more enjoyable each time.”

What is SCITT?

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) operates within a network of good and outstanding schools that have been approved to run school-centered courses. This allows schools to take more control of teacher training providing a practical, hands-on approach. The training is delivered by experienced, practicing teachers based in their own school, or a school in their network.

We believe that the SCITT provides trainee teachers with the opportunity to put theory in to practice and gain confidence through increased contact with the school environment. The increased time spent in school will enable trainees to quickly acquire the depth of knowledge and range of skills required for effective teaching.


What next?

If you share our passion for teaching and learning and are committed to making a real difference to the lives of young people, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how we can support you to train to become an outstanding teacher at Bridlington School. You can also come and spend some time with us to gain some experience in the classroom, this will provide you with a valuable insight in to teaching and also strengthen potential applications and interviews if you decide to pursue your interest in teacher training. Simply register your details here to participate in the School Experience Programme.


For further information please contact:

Natalie Clifton on 01262 672593 or by email at [email protected]                                   

ECT Induction Programme

At Bridlington School we run a very successful ECT induction process, the systems and processes that are in place are robust and well structured. The ECTInduction programme structure is based on the guidance provided by our local authority, we are recognised by them as a school that delivers an outstanding period of ECTinduction within the East Riding of Yorkshire.

‘The induction process is very well organised and thorough with ECT’s being given individualised support and guidance to address their particular needs. The induction process is effectively led and managed by the induction tutor with all stakeholders having ample guidance documentation and support to ensure clarity about their roles’.

Quote from LA Quality Assurance Visit 2018


We believe passionately in ‘growing our own’ staff and have a strong track record of doing this very effectively. We currently have over 20 members of staff who have completed their ECT induction period with us, many who have gone on to hold more senior positions in the school.


This is what our ECT’s say about our ECT programme;

“I started my ECT year at Bridlington School in September and it’s been amazing. Since starting here, my confidence has grown massively. This is due to the support I’ve had from my ECT lead and my mentor, who have both gone above and beyond for me. They’ve both helped me to keep positive and to be aware of my strengths, which I have found challenging in the past. Also, they are always really supportive when I have new ideas and even share their own knowledge and experience with me. Importantly, I have always felt comfortable to ask for their support, and also to discuss my areas for development with them, as they are both really approachable. I am often given great quality feedback, alongside clear strategies to develop my teaching practice. Furthermore, my ECT lead organises CPD sessions for us on Thursdays, delivered by different guest speakers. These sessions are on various topics/ aspects of school and are very useful, especially because we are able to request specific guest speakers, as well as have discussions with other ECTs. I’ve learnt a lot from the sessions because they are specific to our school context, so have a big impact on my teaching practice. It’s also been good to meet different guest speakers from around school and ask them questions. I’m really enjoying working at Bridlington School as an ECT and I’m grateful for all that my ECT lead and mentor do for me. “

Quotes from ECT’s 2023


East Riding LA ECT Induction