Student Voice

At Bridlington School, we value our pupils’ input.

At Bridlington School we value our pupils’ input. We involve pupils in the recruitment process for staff at all levels, regularly collect feedback through surveys and as part of our quality assurance processes and give pupils the opportunity to feedback to us during ‘tea and cake’ sessions with our senior leaders.

Our school council meets every half term and is run by our Head Boy, Nathan Hammond, and our Head Girl, Isobel Waldie. The school council is made up of the Head Boy and Head Girl, representing year 13, the Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, representing year 12, and two Year Representatives for each year in years 7 to 11.

The Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl are brought into the student leadership team in Autumn through a rigorous recruitment process including a presentation to the sixth form in assembly, a sixth form vote and a panel interview with the Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form, Head Boy and Head Girl and a School Governor.

The School Council has a short-, medium- and long term project going on at any one time. Meetings are used to decide upon a new short-term project and discuss progress and allocate actions for the medium and long term projects using an Intent, Implementation and Impact model. Projects in the pipeline include improving the road crossing at the St. John’s Road entrance, introducing plants to every classroom, office and corridor, moving away from plastic cutlery, disposable plates and polystyrene boxes in the dining room and improving the paper recycling facilities and introducing plastic recycling facilities on the school site.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl are supported by a team of sixth form prefects who help out in tutor groups lower down the school and with activities across the school and sixth form.