Course: Fine Art

Level: GCSE

Art is a vibrant and exciting course, one in which you will work in many different Art and Design specialisms.

Course Content

  • The course allows students to build on the skills they have learnt at KS3.
  • Investigate the work of a contemporary artist and use their ideas and techniques to fulfil coursework unit criteria.
  • Produce more in-depth studies during Year 10, leading to fully realised pieces, which fulfil a further set of unit criteria, leading to personal outcomes.
  • Use a sketchbook to develop ideas and how to use different styles in their own work.
  • Opportunities to experiment with painting, printmaking, sculpture and mixed-media as well as using computer programmes and photography to generate images.
  • In Year 11, students will continue to build on their skills and will specialise in the techniques and ideas of their choice. Students will prepare for and sit a 10 hour externally set task (examination).


Throughout this course, your work will be marked regularly and displayed in school. You will be assessed for your final grade using:

Coursework Portfolio (60% of the final grade): Students require a minimum of 2 units, internally set and developed from personal and/or given starting points. From their work undertaken within the course, each student will then need to select and present their work in a portfolio. The student’s portfolio will evidence how they have met each of the assessment objectives.

Examination (40% of the final grade): An externally set task is completed in ten hours under exam conditions with several weeks preparation time beforehand. The task requires a sustained period of focused study and requires evidence of how a student has met each of the assessment objectives.


Students can progress to study Art at A level.

Following on from this you could go on to study other Art related subjects such as Fine Art, Illustration, Interior design, Sculpture, Printmaking, Film, CGI, Photography, Web & Game Design, Animation, Ceramics, Set & Costume design, Graphics etc.

For future careers, the creative industries are amongst the fastest growing industries in the world.  There are numerous career paths that students could follow from being a CGI designer on films to becoming a self-employed illustrator working on commissions.


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