Course: Geography

Level: GCSE


Course Content

This exciting course is based on a combination of physical and human geography. It allows students to investigate the link between the two themes, and approach and examine the connection between the human and natural worlds.

Students will undertake two geographical enquiries, each of which must include the use of primary data, collected as part of a fieldwork exercise.


There are three exams:

Paper 1 – Living with the physical environment (35% of the final GCSE grade and it is 1 hour 30 minutes): The challenge of natural hazards, the living world and physical landscapes in the UK.

Paper 2 – Challenges in the human environment (35% of the final GCSE grade and it is 1 hour 30 minutes): Urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and the challenge of resource management.

Paper 3 – Geographical applications (30% of the final GCSE grade and it is 1 hour 15 minutes): Evaluation of a geographical issue and fieldwork.

Students are required to develop and demonstrate a range of geographical skills, including cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical skills, throughout the course. These skills will be assessed in all three written exams. Ordnance Survey (OS) maps or other map extracts may be used in any of the three exams.


Students can progress to study Geography at A level.

The skills acquired on this course, such as ICT, graphical, mathematical, team working and map work, are useful for most jobs and higher education courses. Your geographical education can lead to many career prospects, for example:

Town Planning                                                      Tourism                                                  Meteorology

Environment Agencies                                       Housing Management                         Geology

Research Work                                                    Education                                              Logistics

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