Life Skills

Course: Life Skills

Level: N/A (Curriculum enrichment – Not examined)

Course Content

Life skills provides exactly what the name suggests, skills for life that enable our students to grow into authentic, self-assured and empathetic people who can easily adapt to what life brings.

In this course we will explore three key areas:

  • Understanding different types of healthy relationships,
  • Living in the wider world,
  • Mental health and wellbeing.

These key areas are part of the DfE guidance that enables young people to prepare holistically for life beyond school. Key content in terms of mental and physical health, laws surrounding rights in different types of relationships, broadening our horizons by understanding the UK as a diverse country and also laws around protected characteristics.


The course is for enrichment and will not result in a qualification at the end of Key Stage 4.

However, students will still have knowledge checks within lessons where they will receive feedback on what they have been learning. This will diagnose gaps and strengths in their knowledge, that they will look to apply as they move through their learning journey.


Life Skills provides a range of valuable skills, knowledge and understanding that enriches and grows a student’s understanding of the world around them, helping students to be successful in future studies and careers.

Examples of future careers include: military, education, social care, medicine, law, hospitality and business.



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