Course: French

Level: GCSE

Course Content

This is a linear course which is studied for two years at GCSE.  Four key skill areas are assessed: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Translation to and from French is also assessed, as is dictation and the study of French literary texts.

Students cover a variety of topics in French, which will build upon what they have already learnt in Key Stage 3. This currently includes:

  • Theme 1: People and lifestyle;
  • Theme 2: Popular culture;
  • Theme 3: Communication and the world around us.



Each of the four main areas (Reading, listening, writing and speaking) are assessed through Foundation or Higher tier examinations which take place at the end of Year 11. Examinations for each of these four areas are worth 25% of the final grade.

The speaking component will be examined through an externally examined test completed with the class teacher.


Studying a Modern Foreign Language at GCSE level is a very beneficial experience.  Students can progress onto study French at A level.

GCSE qualifications in Modern Foreign Languages are looked on very favourably by further education institutions seeking evidence of good general learning, cultural awareness and the ability to use the spoken and written word to communicate well.  Russell Group Universities insist that applicants have a GCSE grade 5 or higher in a Modern Foreign Language.

Studying a language also builds your confidence, improves your knowledge of grammar and your listening techniques.  Students with a language GCSE are in big demand by employers, helping to increase the chance of employment and earning potential dramatically.

Examples of future careers include:

Journalism                                                             Teaching                                                Tour guide

Recruitment                                                          Tour operator                                       Law

Interpreter                                                            Government careers                          Media careers



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