Course: OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies

Level: OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Sport Studies (Technical Award Equivalent to 1 GCSE grade)

Course Content

Students will complete the OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies Level 1/2 in KS4 and cover the following units:

  • R184 – Contemporary issues in sport (Written exam paper – Externally marked):

By completing this unit you will understand a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, including learning about participation levels and barriers to completing sporting activities. You will also learn how participation is impacted by the promotion of values and ethical behaviour, about the role of high-profile sporting events, the role of national governing bodies and how technology is used in within sport.

  • R185: Performance and leadership in sports activities (Assessed by a set assignment):

In this unit you will have an opportunity to develop your skills both as a performer in two different sporting activities, and as a leader, developing a range of transferable skills. You will work both independently and as part of a team, including communicating with team mates as well as being in front of an audience when you perform. You will perform under pressure, both as a participant and as a leader, and will use your initiative to solve problems and make decisions. Finally, you will deal with rapidly changing conditions and situations.

  • R187: Increasing awareness of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (Assessed by a set assignment):

In this unit you will understand how to find out information about what opportunities there are in your local area as well as nationally in the UK for all different types of outdoor/adventurous activities. You will learn how to enjoy the activities safely by finding out what equipment, clothing, facilities and technology you need, as well as completing planning to help keep you safe.


Students must achieve a minimum number of points from all units.  Each unit will be graded as either a level 1 pass, level 1 merit or level 1 distinction (E/3 points), level 2 pass (C/4 points), level 2 merit (B/5.5 points), level 2 distinction (A/7 points) or level 2 distinction* (A*/8.5 points).

Assessment for R184 is through an OCR set examination which is sat in either January or June of Year 11. This is externally marked, and students have to achieve a level 1 pass as a minimum.

Assessment for R185 and R187 is through the completion of ICT based tasks and practical tasks which are marked in school and sent to the exam board.

R184 contributes 40% towards the overall grade in this subject.

R185 and R187 contribute 60% (30% each) towards the overall grade in this subject.


Cambridge Technical’s and other college courses in sport and recreation, apprenticeships and A-Levels

Examples of future careers include: exercise physiologist, sports therapist, nutritionist and personal trainer.


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