Art, Craft & Design A Level

Why choose Art, Craft & Design @ Bridlington?

Why choose Art, Craft & Design @ Bridlington?

  • Get an introduction to the study of art

  • Understand your creative process

  • Work with a range of techniques

Entry criteria:

You’ll develop a greater understanding of art, craft and design and the creative process.Students may elect to take a fine art approach or a craft and design approach depending on their strengths and interests.

The award encompasses a wide range of areas within art, craft and design to allow you to take your talents in any direction.

“Having the opportunity to explore different areas of art and design is an exciting way to work” 

You could study the following areas within the course:

• Drawing and Painting

• Photography

• Graphics

• Textiles

• 3D Design

• Product Design

Where can studying art, craft & design take you?

The creative sector is varied and growing all the time. Potential jobs could include architecture, marketing and purchasing, graphic design, interior design, teaching, fashion, jewellery design, ceramic design or game design.