Maths & Further Maths A Level

Why choose Maths @ Bridlington?

Why choose Maths @ Bridlington?

  • Develop an advanced understanding of maths and or further maths
  • Learn how to use your skills in a variety of contexts
  • A great basis for numerous career paths

Extend your understanding of Maths by studyingtopics such as graphs, trigonometry, series and calculus. These maths skills you learn in A Level Mathematics are of great benefit in other A level subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, computing, geography, psychology, economics and business studies.

“My teacher is one of the best you can have”

Where can a level maths and further maths take you?

Our Maths A Level course is an ideal platform for related degrees at university. With A Level Maths, career possibilities are endless. Our students progress to become highly successful in careers including Engineering, Medicine, Teaching, Finance, Business Management and Statistical Research, to mention but a few!