Psychology A Level

Why choose Psychology @Bridlington?

Why choose Psychology @ Bridlington?

  • Understand how the human mind shapes behaviour

  • Apply knowledge of key research and theory to the real world

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills

You will learn about conformity, how the mind remembers and forgets, how attachments in childhood impact on future relationships and why some people develop mental illnesses. In addition you will learn key research studies and psychological approaches that explain human behaviour so that you can apply your knowledge to optional topics including the criminal mind. You will also deepen your understanding of research methods, ethical issues and key debates.

Psychology is a fascinating subject that teaches you valuable skills that can be applied to a range of careers. Many students go onto further study at degree level, studying a range of courses, including; psychology, criminology, nursing, teaching, sports and exercise science, law and professional police studies to name a few.   After university exciting career options include; business development, forensic psychology, police and law, mental health nursing, clinical psychology, educational psychology and sports psychology.

“It’s new and exciting” 

Where can Psychology take you?  

Psychology is a subject that teaches you valuable skills that are essential across a number of careers such as teaching, the police force and business. Further Education pathways in psychology can lead to exciting jobs specialising in areas such as forensic, clinical, developmental and neuro psychology.