Sports Awards 2023

[28 Jun 2023]

This year has been a fantastic year for Bridlington School sport. Our students have shown a brilliant level of commitment and dedication to our department’s success this year. Our teams have reached 4 semi-finals in both football and rugby. Our Year 10 girls and Year 7 boys football teams reached the FA Schools Cup final and we could not be more proud of the students. We have had two English Schools Cross Country athletes, footballers training with teams such as Hull City, York City and Scarborough Town, and we have also had rugby players that have earned themselves county trials as well as many other students taking part in competitive sports outside of school. This year’s awards were not easy decisions to make. In Year 7 Toby Tibbett and Annabelle Miller won the Sportsman and Sportswoman awards, with Dylan Lambert and Saffia Kinder taking the most improved Year 7 award. In Year 8 Ashton Booth and Maisie Webb won the sportsman and sportswoman category, with Kayden Piercy and Freya Swainson won the most improved awards. In Year 9 William McNulty and Jamie-Leigh Mainprize won the sportsman and sportswoman awards, with Dan Imeson and Piper Robinson winning the most improved awards for Year 9. Finally, in Year 10 Zane Fenton and Alicia Darley won the sportsman and sportswoman awards, with Amber Stabler winning the most improved award.

Our Year 7 boys football team won the team of the year award with their fantastic achievements in winning their East Riding League and their FA Schools Cup run that ended with a thrilling 3-2 final loss for the lads. They have had a brilliant year and we cannot wait to see them in action again next season.


Our long term achievement awards went to Abi Wallace, Ed Hughes and Chloe Topham. These three students have been a pleasure to have with us in PE over the years. They have been a fantastic addition to the PE team as leaders and helping out with our younger students. All three students have a real future in coaching and teaching should they choose to gown down that route. A special mention also goes out to Abi who is playing at a really high standard of football at Hull City and is an inspiration for our younger students.


Our Sports personality of the year awards went to one of your Year 8 students. If you look up dedication in a dictionary you may find a picture of this young lady next to it. From where she was in Year 7, a shy, quiet and unassuming young lady, to now one of the most determined, competitive and outgoing sportswomen, she has come a long way. She takes part in every after school activity and is by far one of the most reliable students we have representing the PE department. There isn’t a sport that she won’t give a go and is growing all the time in confidence and skill ability. She always gets stuck in and isn’t fazed about playing against the boys, and students who are in an older year group. She is a real asset to the department. This year’s sports personality of the year is Maisie Webb.

We would to thank our parents and carers for all of their continued support this year. It would not be possible without you. Also a massive thankyou to our students who have made 2023 such a fantastic year for our PE department. A final special mention goes to Bailey Beaden who was called in at the last minute to be the photographer for our event and he did a fantastic job.